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There are several types of lodging in Bulgaria. The published prices, even though they are more interesting than in the UK, depend on the season, the location and the type of hotel.


Generally situated in small towns and villages, these houses offer several rooms with breakfast. The particularity of this type of accommodation comes from the fact that the proprietors still live there.

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• Often charming house traditionally decorated
• breakfast varied and plentiful
• Warm and friendly
• Proximity to local
• Peace and privacy due to the limited number of rooms
• Sometimes the facilities are inadequate
• Don’t be surprise to meet owners who speak only Bulgarian (even so you can always find a way to understand each other)

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Family hotels

You can find them in small villages as well in large cities. Independent and run by the family, they were often originally large family houses remodelled for tourism. They include about 10 rooms and sometimes a small traditional restaurant.

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• Typical Bulgarian construction with traditional decor
• Local traditional restaurants
• Atmosphere and facilities guaranteed
• Enriching cultural exchange
• Place of tranquillity and rest
• English is mostly spoken

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Located in large towns and tourist centres, these are large capacity hotels, classed from 1 to 5 stars in which the quality and level of service vary from one establishment to another. Among these, one can easily recognise the communist hotels, situated near pedestrian areas, actually in the process of privatisation. Their run down rooms  are undergoing renovation. However, we can note that a new generation of luxury hotels is born with a high level of benefits, especially in tourist resorts.

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• Large capacity
• Many facilities and services offered
• Good location
• Multilingual staff
• Not so personal attention with little intimacy
• Service quality extremely varied
• International restaurants
• Often excessive prices
• Limited contact with locals

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Some monasteries offer the possibility of accommodation. The rooms are always so simple in the background to the grandeur of these places and the spirituality that breathes. It is a unique opportunity to share the daily routine of the monks and their spiritual world..

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Camping grounds are rare in Bulgaria. Finding them is difficult and the conditions are usually very basic. Wild camping  is officially prohibited, but sometimes practiced around the lakes and on the coast. It’s an adventure for a good price. However, the quality is improving and well equipped bungalows are now appearing.

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Chalets – huts

Situated in the large mountainous areas of the country, these chalets – huts often welcome hikers and nature lovers. Difficult to find and not very comfortable, they are often laid out in the form of a dormitory. However, they are inevitable if they want to spend a mountain adventure. In general we could say that they are frequented by the Bulgarians,proof the atmosphere is very good and warm.

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